Serafim Suhenky

C-Level Executive

Expert Python and Javascript Developer, Team Leader, Product Manager

Highly-skilled software engineer and computer science graduate with 15+ years of professional experience. Incredible attention to detail and perseverance in getting the job done with a focus on delivering high-quality results. Self-motivated and highly productive team player. Seeking to bring great solutions.

Have large experience with Python, Django and building REST API via DjangoREST.
Async HTTP service, Low level async http-like server/client.
User interfaces
AngularJS, JQuery, JQuery mobile, JQuery-UI, Bootstrap
Development process
Agile, Scrum
System maintenance
Large *nix experience, network/iptables/nat/firewall, Mysql, Apache, NGinx Redmine, Gitlab, Bind, Cron etc, etc.
Amazon AWS
EC2, S3, SES;
SQL Databases
Mysql, Postgres, Sqlite. Requests, stored procedures, triggers, generators etc. Backup, restore tasks.

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