Serafim Suhenky

Expert Python and Javascript Developer, Team Leader, Product Manager

Self-motivited and highly productive. Seeking to bring great solutions into your project.

Team player. At least my team consist of me and Customer. Crazy about time management.

Highly-skilled software engineer and computer science graduate with 10+ years of professional experience. Software development is my greatest skill and I have an incredible attention to detail and perseverance in getting the job done, and done well.

Have large experience with Python, Django and building REST API via DjangoREST.
Async HTTP service, Low level async http-like server/client.
User interfaces
AngularJS, JQuery, JQuery mobile, JQuery-UI, Bootstrap
Development process
Agile, Scrum
System maintenance
Large *nix experience, network/iptables/nat/firewall, Mysql, Apache, NGinx Redmine, Gitlab, Bind, Cron etc, etc.
Amazon AWS
EC2, S3, SES;
SQL Databases
Mysql, Postgres, Sqlite. Requests, stored procedures, triggers, generators etc. Backup, restore tasks.

serafim at serafim_home